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Since 1989 Skins ‘n Tins, located in Champaign, Illinois, has been providing drummers and percussionists of all levels with the equipment and tools to play their instrument. We serve drummers and percussionists of all skill levels. From beginners, weekend warriors, to the working pro and the percussion professor, we provide them with all elements of their instrument.

We carry many of the major brands of percussion and drum set products, and most importantly, carry the spare parts to support those brands. From the smallest bolts, wing-nuts and washers to an entire attachment assembly, we stock it.

We stock many world percussion instruments, too, such as the cajon, timbale, djembe, conga, bongo, and frame drum.

We also stock DVD’s, sheet music, and have an entire wall of books for the percussion student.

We provide rental kits and instruments for the working musician and all the local schools, colleges and universities.